Who We Are

ABA Solutions was founded by long-time behavior analysts, David Engelman and Jason Wallace. With over three decades of combined experience in Applied Behavior Analysis therapy in the Tampa Bay area, David and Jason now head a team of experienced behavior analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians® (RBTs).

All of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts® have completed graduate-level programs approved by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), including Master’s programs specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis. Our assistant behavior analysts have completed a Bachelor's program and are also board certified. Our behavior technicians have completed a 40-hour course on the principles and applications of behavior analysis, passed a competency assessment administered by a behavior analyst, and passed a certification exam.

We provide therapy services in the comfort of your home, school or community settings – throughout West Florida including Tampa Bay, Sarasota, and North Pasco and Hernando Counties, and in Central Florida and New Jersey.

What We Do

Therapies are based on observations derived from functional behavior assessments, the unique nature of the environment, and the growth and goals of the client. ABA Solutions applies research-based and field-tested behavior analysis methods at each stage of assessment and therapy.

In order to best facilitate overcoming a behavior or learning challenge, ABA analysts will:

Provide an assessment of the problem through observation.

We will determine precursors of specific problem behaviors, behavior motivations, and learning strengths or weaknesses.

Determine how environment affects behavior.

When we understand how an environment — whether it is at home, school or in the community — affects behavior, we can make treatment recommendations, if necessary.

Work closely with parents, caregivers and teachers.

We work with you to understand and practice therapy approaches such as modeling and assistance with the learning of new behaviors.

Employ a scientific approach.

When working toward the goal of behavior modification, we set clear definitions, objectives, measurement indicators, and analysis.

How We Help

ABA Solutions provides applied behavior analysis assessments and therapies to address difficult behaviors, and any associated social, emotional or learning challenges. Our therapists work closely with parents, caregivers and teachers to instill adaptive skills, maximize potential and bring constructive, enduring change.

Long-lasting change requires a long-term view. The greatest benefit of applied behavior analysis is the practical knowledge and skills caregivers gain to address challenges and promote positive responses.

ABA Solutions' services are suitable for everyone.

From early intervention therapy for toddlers, through every stage of childhood, to adults, we help with general behavior and learning challenges. We also provide ABA therapy for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our behavior analysts work in-home and on-site with families, schools and community organizations. We also provide ABA therapy services in our Tampa clinic.

How We Grow

At ABA Solutions, we are committed to embracing and celebrating the individuality of our clients and our staff that serve them. We recognize the necessity of diversity and inclusion, and the importance of providing opportunities to empower each other. We are dedicated to persistent review of our company’s framework to adhere to these beliefs. Through open and honest dialogue we strive to support our diverse staff and clients while fostering a culture of equity and inclusion.

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